Boire un p’ti coup

Avec la chaleur des beaux jours, on a souvent soif. Et quand on parle d’alimentation équilibrée, le plus souvent on oublie un élément important : la boisson. Pourtant, on le sait tous, on ne peut pas vivre plus de quelques jours sans boire, alors qu’il est possible de survivre des semaines sans manger. Le corps […]

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Tips for surviving at the seasonal gluttony marathon!

[FR] VERSION FRANÇAISE Source : Prepare your body to indulge on Thanksgiving, by Sophie Hussenet for Thanksgiving will start the seasonal gluttony marathon (1). Even the healthiest person won’t escape from the traditional buttery mashed potatoes, creamy gravy and the sweet pecan pie. Of course this is just to name some of the delicious things […]

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Bye Bye flabby arms…

Source: Nice and firm arms for this summer, by Nathalie Gobbi for LostinSF  Fed-up with flabby arms? Firm’ em up! We asked Alexia Cornu for some pieces of advice. With summer around the corner, we picture ourselves sporting bare arms in tank tops and low-cut necklines. Clearly we cannot hide under sweaters year-round, so read on for […]

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