You are ready to take control of your lifestyle
I’m here to support you on your new start towards a healthier lifestyle


I am a health professional with a passion for Exercise Physiology, Nutrition and Conditioning. My background is in assessing fitness levels, health promotion and developing customized programs for diverse populations.

As a self-starter who as worked in France and the USA, I’ve worn many hats over the past 10 years. I’ve developed advanced knowledge in coordinating consultations, creating schedules, tracking performance results and advising people on nutritional guidelines.

In 2020, after 10 years of providing personal training services and nutritional guidelines, I am launching an educational and self development project to help people knowing how their body works, understanding everything that can be read and seen in magazines, media and advertisements and having the right informations to choose an healthy lifestyle for them and their family.

I am offering wellness and nutrition workshops, prenatal and postnatal conditioning, cross training group workout, private personal training at home, nordic walking sessions, and team building events at beginner and advanced levels.

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