Membership Q&A

#1 Is there a minimum commitment on subscriptions?

No, there is no minimum commitment, you can choose to pay per month or per package of 4 sessions and you’re free to stop when you want.

#2 Do I have to register on the 1st day of the month?

Not necessarily, you can join the membership whenever you want and you will be billed every 30 days depending on your starting date. Please sign up at least 24 hours before your first session to make sure that you will receive all the links on time.

#3 Is it possible to book a “à la carte” session?

Yes, I added a package of 4 sessions with no limit of time for $49.

#4 What are the prices in other currencies?

Euro: $49 / $79 / $179 = 49€ / 79€ / 179€
Canadian Dollar: $49US / $79US / $179US = $65CAD / $105CAD / $240CAD
Pound sterling: $49US / $79US / $179US = $39GBP / $65GBP / $140GBP

You will not pay exchange fees because I set up invoicing in your currency by email. For this option, do not pay on the online shop, contact me directly so that I can send you your invoice by email.

#5 Do you have recommendations for equipment?

Yes, I am in the process of setting up a partnership with Decathlon US to give you advantages. I recommend you to wait a few weeks before buying new equipment, I will tell you more as soon as it is finalized. Also, when you become a member, you will receive a list of my recommendations by email.

#6 Is the schedule final?

The schedule of the month will not change, but for the next months it could change according to demand and the number of participants per session. As I want to offer the best service, I will try to adapt the schedule to your needs as much as possible.

#7 What’s the one-on-one consultation?

To help you more, I offer a consultation that lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, the goal of this holistic approach is to scan with you on your routine: sport, nutrition, sleep and stress management, as well as helping you set up better habits to make sure that you can reach your goal! The cost of this out-of-package consultation is $150, so as a member you will have $50 OFF!

#8 How does the membership work?

Once you have subscribed to the membership, you will receive the schedule with all Zoom links for the current month, a personalized form, my equipment recommendations and if you sign up for the replay membership: your login to connect to your online area to access the sessions already available in replay. 

Do not hesitate to send me your questions and I hope to see you soon!

For more informations on the memberships contact me directly alsfitcorner@gmail.com