Pole Walking


Deepali, 38:

The best fitness personal trainer ever!  Alexia helped me achieve my fitness and weight loss goals very efficiently and in no time!  Specifically if you are looking at shaving those last few stubborn inches off, she is the person to go to.  She literally conditioned my body!  She is highly knowledgeable in this field and designs a fitness plan specifically for our body.  I am very impressed with her exclusive collection of training material that she brings with her and her unique POWER HIKING ® skills.   She always had something new for me, which made working out with her so interesting.  Her fun and cheerful personality makes the hour long training go by quickly.  She regularly shares fitness tips with me, which helps me quite a lot.  She really cares for your goals and makes sure we achieve them.  I wish Alexia all the best and all the success in her career!  I am grateful for her dedication, flexibility, knowledge and for just being such a nice person, and I highly recommend her.

Marie, 36:

After I was pregnant for the 2nd time, I found it hard to lose the last 5 kg to get to my ideal weight, therefore I called Alexia. She made a complete measurement waist, hips, body fat mass, and to start with, she proposed me 3 sessions per week because I wanted to have very fast results. I reached my goal thanks to a programme adapted to me ; abs, POWER HIKING ® and swimming-pool. Alexia was a real guide to me. Now I’ve recovered my healthy weight!

Nelly, 62:

I called Alexia after I had a surgical operation. I wanted to do sports again but in a very smooth way, with a coach who would pay attention to my possibilities. I didn’t want to be a number in a fitness gym club and I also needed to be motivated and encouraged: having a coach at home was the answer! She personally gives you the advice you need to be fitter and healthier, she very seriously follows every step of your improvements but in a very good-humored way.

Pascale, 51:

Why did I prefer to call Alexia than going to do sports in a club? Because my goal was to lose weight and I needed the advice of a professionnal in order not to make any errors when preparing my meals, and I wanted to know what I could eat without putting on weight. I also needed her to target the zones where I wanted to get slimmer, and above all I needed to be encouraged, accompanied and corrected when doing the exercises.

Emma, 28:

Still young but already 20 kg (44 lbs) overweight… I didn’t know how to get out of this situation. Fortunately, my parents offered me home coaching with Alexia. She immediately understood what my problem was and adapted her sessions to my lifestyle… I very often travel abroad for work in Europe and in the USA. It was not an easy task for her, but she adapted and we remained connected through Skype. Now I ‘ve recovered a normal weight but she still goes on giving me nutritional tips, it has become part of my life.

Clara, 43:

I didn’t need to lose weight but I wanted to restructure my figure. Alexia proposed a program for me: I wanted my waist and legs to get slimmer. I’m so happy I found her… She’s totally dedicated to the work she’s doing with you. She is a very easy-going kind of person, she’s very professional, she knows how to encourage you and get you beyond your limits. To me, she’s the ideal coach!