When I started working out with Alexia I was + 200 pounds body weight with almost no physical endurance, no fitness. Within few weeks I started see the difference. She helped and still helping me losing weight while building lean muscle. She gives us simple, the right path of workout. She always pushing me more and more to do better and best part is without encounter any injury in 3 years. I see Alexia an expert in her field of trainer, nutritionist and body transformation in a clean and healthy way. Her nutrition advices are simple and effective. With Alexia I reached the best physique in my life way further than I ever dreamed. She is instrumental of taking people with no workout experience and transform them. 

My friends, coworkers and neighbors all asking me about the secret of my transformation. It is Alexia’s classes, workout and nutrition advices. In short, if you want to get healthy results go with Alexia.

Ahmed, client since 2016

After my first pregnancy, I had difficulty to lose the last 12 pound that I was before pregnancy, and my pelvic floor wasn’t strong enough to back to grow classes, therefore I called Alexia. She set the goals based on the measurements of my fat and muscle mass, then she set a program with physical activities adapted to my recovery and nutrition guidelines. I reached my goal in 6 months thanks to a programme adapted to me. Alexia was a real guide to me. Now I’ve recovered my healthy weight and I decided to continue the sessions with Alexia during my second pregnancy!

Anita, client since 2016

I am 20 and I was 42 pounds overweight. I didn’t know how to get out of this malaise. During the summer holidays, my parents decided to offer me Alexia’s coaching. We immediately connected and she understood me. She adapted her sessions to my student lifestyle and helped me to make my sport and nutrition choices independently… I am back to college but we stay connected through Skype calls. Now I’m back to a normal weight and her tips has become part of my life.

Alison, client since 2018

I called Alexia after I a surgical operation. I wanted to back to sports but in a smooth and adapted way. Alexia paid attention to my abilities, she motivated and encouraged me. Having a private trainer at home was the best investment in my health!

Jill, client since 2019

Alexia helped me achieve my fitness and weight loss goals very efficiently and in no time! Specifically if you are looking at shaving those last few stubborn inches off, she is the person to go to. She literally conditioned my body! She is highly knowledgeable in this field and designs a fitness plan specifically for our body. I am very impressed with her exclusive collection of training material that she brings with her and her unique Nordic Walking skills. She always had something new for me, which made working out with her so interesting. Her fun and cheerful personality makes the hour long training go by quickly.  She regularly shares fitness tips with me, which helps me quite a lot. She really cares for your goals and makes sure we achieve them. I wish Alexia all the best and all the success in her career!  I am grateful for her dedication, flexibility, knowledge and for just being such a nice person, and I highly recommend her.

Deepali, client since 2014
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